Rising or Falling Kingdoms?

Hello my brothers, I read the following below by John this morning and I just grinded on my teeth and said some words to myself that I will not repeat here. The enemy has me running around like a mad man, trying to survive...but how is my kingdom doing? How is yours doing? You know, the one that the living God, creator of heaven and earth gave us, to look after, for Him. How is your heart doing with this? If you find yourself grinding on your teeth – PRAY

Honour and Strength


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" Heroic desires are embedded in the center of the masculine soul. Yet there is also something corrosive at work. Some drive to answer a searing question for which we have no words. Some compulsive need to push and strive that lures us so often to prioritize the things that matter less over the things that should matter most to us.

What are we to make of this dilemma?

If we venture below the surface, into the sacred inner geography of a man's soul, what treasures would we find? What type of rescue mission might we initiate to help recover the life for which we are made? And what would a man trade in exchange for being able to say these words a decade from now:

Circumstances are no less difficult, yet my soul is thriving. 

A courage-filled and cultivated “yes” is at work in my soul. 

My kingdom and those under my care are doing increasingly better. 

My heart is more whole; not only my strength but also my smile has been restored."(John Eldridge)



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