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Money Matters

John Eldredge is a Christian author, speaker, and counselor who has written several books on spiritual formation and personal growth. While he does not have a specific book or teaching on money matters, he has written and spoken about the broader topic of stewardship, which includes how we use our resources, including money.

Eldredge emphasises the importance of viewing money and possessions as gifts from God, rather than things that we own and control. He encourages Christians to approach money with a spirit of generosity, recognising that we are stewards of what God has entrusted to us, and that our resources are meant to be used for His purposes.

Eldredge also warns against the dangers of greed and materialism, which he views as distractions from a life centred on God. He encourages Christians to seek first the Kingdom of God, and to trust that God will provide for their needs.

Overall, Eldredge's perspective on money matters is grounded in his belief in God's provision and his emphasis on stewardship and generosity.

A good read I can recommend:


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