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Consecrating Your Year


What do we need as we turn our gaze toward a new year?

What is helpful? What isn’t?

Where do we find Life?

And how do we make it last?

There’s a story I love about scientists in Cape Town, South Africa, studying an extraordinary species called “Resurrection Plants.” Though these plants appear dead amidst the harshness of their arid climate, they are actually in a state of hyper dormancy, waiting for the water they so desperately need. When the rains come, these plants spring back to life, suddenly brimming again with robust well-being.

As if they had been resurrected.

Such a simple but profound illustration for the human soul.

Without living water welling up from within us, our souls settle into hyper dormancy, sometimes so long-lasting that it may even feel like death.

Jesus promised that for those who entrust themselves fully to his great heart, “…rivers of living water will brim and spill out of [their] depths” (John 7:38, The Message).

Jesus knows what we need as we turn our hearts toward the new year. We need his River of Life to be established in us. Slowly. Steadily. Increasingly. By day and by decade.

Friends, consecrating our lives afresh is a primary way to get there.

Come along into this video teaching as I invite you to partner with God in the reestablishment of his rivers of living water within you.

To the Kingdom



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